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A DAO first invest community for research ,
vote, and earn tokens

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Propose and Vote on Arbitrum

Arbitrum's suite of scaling solutions
providesfaster speeds at a signifcantly lower cost,
with the same level of security as Ethereum

Propose and Vote on Core

The offcial org developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem
and building web3 infrastructure

Propose and Vote on Polygon

Polygon (Previously Matic Network) is the frst well-structured,
easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development

What is 2DAO?

2DAO is a decentrlized autonomous orgnization,focous on secondary crypto investment.For the difference with traditional capital,there is no LP or investors in 2DAO.There is no boardroom in 2DAO.So where the money for 2DAO,2DAO has a treasure ,which has a tax from DT trading.And how to make invest decision?It is by all DT holders.DT holders submit projects proposal,all holders vote,if the proposal approved,and then it would be exacuted.The coin got by invest would be disributed to voters and proposers.


Earn Tokens After Vote

Temperature Check

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to determine if there is sufficient will to make changes to the status quo.To create a Temperature Check:Ask a general, non-biased question to the community on about a potential change(example:"Should 2DAO treasure invset XYZ token?"). Forum posts should be labeledas follows:"Temperature Check -[Your Title Here]".

2DAO mechanism Vote

2DAO has a brilliant vote to earn mechanism,but it is not we set a mechanism vote,through which all DT holders could adjustment mechanism through propasals and vote.

Projects Proposals

Any DT holders could make projects prposals.If the proposal approved,and it’s exacuted.We buy the projects token with treasure.The tokes would be distributed to all voters who vote “yes”.If the proposals not approved,it would not be exacuted.Otherwise,the proposers have a special reward from the treasure.

Community contribution voting

A crypto project success is depand all community menmbers’ work.In order to encourage all members contribute 2DAO,we have a vote department for contibutors submit what they contibute for 2DAO,such as social media emoji Twitter medium mirror etc.

Roadmap To Launch

Jun 2022
Idea talk
July 2022
NFT airdrop
Aug 2022
Social refer
Sep 2022
White paper
Oct 2022
Nov 2022
Proposal for invest test
Dec 2022
proposal for contributoers test
Jan 2023
test on Polygon
Feb 2023
test on Core
Mar 2023
prepare for Core IDO
  • 30%Liquidity increased
  • 20%contribution reward
  • 30%the private placement quota
  • 20%Foundation

Frequently asked questions

What is the problem to be solved by 2DAO?
With the increasing number of new projects in the crypto market. It is crucial to be the first to get information about projects and make the right decisions. Relying on small circles and individuals to sift through the huge pool of projects to find quality investment targets is both inefficient and error-prone.
How can I get part of 2DAO?
Hold 2DT tokens to find investment projects to launch investment proposals, or to vote on investment projects. Once a proposal is approved, tokens will be awarded to both the proposer and the voter.
What support can 2DAO provide to its investee projects?
1) Continuous purchase of investee project tokens through the Vault 2) Project exposure and traffic attraction from voting and dividend project tokens. 3) Consensus promotion by the 2DAO community, or even direct purchase of investee project tokens.
How can we ensure fair autonomy for 2DAO?
All invested projects go live through community voting. Contracts are audited. 2DT token liquidity are locked and there is no [Rug Pull] risk. All projects can initiate proposals to adjust their operational logic parameters. The types of proposals that can be voted on are shown in the table below.